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Paul McKeen

Paul McKeenPaul McKeen holds the full French and international qualifications to carry out all Horsemouth Snowboarding’s services: the EMS for non-glaciated off-piste guiding, the UKCP Level 2 Freestyle Coach, ISTD, BASI Level 4 snowboard instructor and Carte Professionnelle, moniteur de snowboard.

Structured, targeted sessions that make the most out of your time. Step by step on the right path towards your goals. A relaxed approach to safe, steady progress. Break bad habits, leave the plateau behind, reach the next level, unlearn what you have learned…

  • Michalopoulou Flora

    I have tried many times to learn snowboarding…. This was the only man I can call an “instructor”. He even got a tiny snowboarder play mobile to show you the exact body position. My daughter 11 years old was so stressed and afraid of snowboarding but Paul just by being there so calm ( actually I don’t think he realized it!) he managed to get her snowboarding on the third session!

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