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Lukas Meier

Lukas has worked as a ski instructor since 2018. He has until now been located in Sweden, and is this year going for his first season abroad. Lukas is a pleasant guy from Stockholm who enjoys teaching everyone from first-timers, to the powder seeking shredders.

Why did you choose to teach snowsports?

I choose to teach skiing because of the joy I get from seeing other people progressing and finding their own joy in the sport. It felt like an obvious choice for me to work with something that is simply a win win

What makes you special as an instructor?

My optimistic mood is probably what makes me a unique ski instructor, always going with a good mood and “nothing is impossible” mindset.

What do you do in the summers?

In the summers, you’ll probably find me on some type of board, either a skateboard, or a surfboard. I usually spend my summers in southern Sweden with family and friends.


  • Tara

    Lukas taught me skiing for two mornings in Verbier. He is a super instructor and you can tell he absolutely loves skiing and teaching, and is such a nice person, very happy and patient. He is encouraging, and very happy to go at your own pace, but gives you confidence to try to get to the next level. I would recommend him for all ages and levels.

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