Lee Wright

From a young age, Lee Wright spent many years training on the plastic ski slopes of the North West, UK. He completed his A-levels and dashed off to a Swiss dominated Zermatt, to pursue his dream of becoming a ski instructor. He then taught skiing in Zermatt for 5 seasons, learning how Zermatt works and all that makes it special.

In his 7th season he went to work for ES in Verbier where he stayed for a further 5 years. He was responsible for the ES junior race programme and spent two seasons at The Lodge as their Lead Ski Instructor.

Following Verbier, he spent 3 years in the Isle of Man working outside skiing, and is now teaching skiing again with ES in Zermatt. He is ISIA qualified.

Q. Why did you choose to teach skiing?

A. I chose to teach skiing because at 18 I didn’t want to follow the trend of university, instead I wanted follow my passion in skiing.

Q. Where is your favourite restaurant in Zermatt?

A. Zum See

Q. Where is your favourite run in Zermatt?

A. The run all the way down into Cervinia for a coffee!