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Jasmina Haukka

Jasmina Haukka - Ski instructor in Zermatt
I’ve loved snowboarding for a long time, and wanted to teach something I loved, so I started teaching snowboarding at Mt Buller, Vic in ’98 and Beaver Creek, Colorado in ’99.  I started teaching skiing in 2016 and have taught both skiing and snowboarding for two snow seasons per year since then.

Mt Buller is my Southern hemisphere snow season mountain I return to every June.  I’ve taught about 14 Northern seasons, mainly in USA (Beaver Creek), and Japan (Niseko, Hakuba 47, Lotte Arai, Akakura).

I love a bit of warmth, ocean, beach and scuba/snorkelling time in between Northern and Southern Winters.

I’m Australian, but my first language was Finnish as my family was all from Finland.

As well as a qualified instructor, I’m also a qualified nutritionist, so can help you with your energy levels, recovery, and other nutrition questions out on the hill.

Why did you choose teaching?

I love teaching things I love.

Where is your favourite part of Zermatt to ski?

I love freeriding parts which are steep and deep, without sharks (sharp rocks) and with low avalanche risk.

For a long time I’ve loved snowboarding powder in trees, where snow stays untracked for longer.

What do you do in the summer?

I instruct skiing and snowboarding at Mt Buller, Australia for 4 months, early June to early October.

I try to get a bit of warm tropical time in Cairns, Qld and/or Thailand if I can, in between Northern and Southern snow seasons.

What is your favourite restaurant in Zermatt?

Findlerhof.  I love the big lamb shanks.

Why did you pick Zermatt?

I had liked what I had seen of ES (during my Verbier season some years ago), so ES was the only ski school I wanted to work for. There was a need for an experienced and dual certified instructor here in Zermatt. So this was perfect.

I decided to choose Switzerland for some normality. My home used to be in Melbourne, Vic, lockdown capital of the world. Having spent most pandemic time in Victoria (Mt Buller and Melbourne) and in Japan (with State of Emergency and few tourist visas), I wanted some normality.

Also because there are 5 magic carpets here, which make a beginner’s learning experiences much more pleasant (especially for snowboarders), and then a good variety of pistes to teach on in both Zermatt and Cervinia. Some trees to snowboard in. Lots of good restaurants. Plus the Matterhorn is gorgeous.

What handy tip do you have for anyone visiting Zermatt?

Take a lesson (or at least get a guide). This will help you to gain much better appreciation of the huge area here, help you improve your skills sooner, and help you stay safe. The instructor can also guide you around, give you advice on terrain (eg flat spots, steep icy runs, etc), give you tips on restaurants and other activities, and help you to have an overall enjoyable holiday and great snow experience.


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