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Olle Lundström

Olle is a very positive, happy and passionate ski instructor who has been training and coaching skiers since 2010. He makes sure that every day is exciting, happy and productive for the guest. Olle likes to ski with all types of skiers from young people to the elderly. If you want to take your first turns or improve your carving technique or even just have a great skiing day with lots of tips that will develop your skiing, then Olle can help.

Why did you choose to teach snowsports?

To see a smile from a guest who has improved their skiing is what drives me. Skiing with others and making clients love a day on the mountain with skis on, that’s life.

What makes you special as an instructor?

I have high energy and am very positive. My energy is usually contagious and inspires skiers to dare to try new things and develop.

Why did you pick Verbier as your resort?

I did a season in Verbier a long time ago, I’ll never forget it. Once Verbier always Verbier. A classic ski resort with an awesome system, fantastic mountains, an international touch with a freeride aura, simply awesome!





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