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David Fielding

David Fielding Zermatt's Technical Director and InstructorDavid Fielding, the school’s Technical Director in Zermatt, has been living and working in Zermatt all year round for the last 10 years. David is Fully Qualified BASI ISTD, Swiss Brevet and a Freestyle Coach.

He loves everything to do with skiing, from the Piste, the Bumps, Off-Piste, Freestyle, the alpine environment and the lifestyle.

Why did you choose to become a ski instructor?

Honestly, when it all started, I chose to teach Snowsports because it sounded like a nice ‘working holiday’. However, as time has moved on, and my career developing along the way, I have realised that teaching is an extremely rewarding profession. There is no better feeling than teaching a client. What I love is seeing them improve and watching them benefitting from what skiing has to offer.

Where is your favourite part of Zermatt to ski?

This all depends on the snow and the conditions. Zermatt has so much variety of good terrain that it is hard to pick just one area…

Powder days – Rothorn, Hohtali, Schwarsee

Fresh Groomers – Everywhere

Spring Time + Summer – Park laps

What do you do in the summer?

In the summer, I work in the Freestyle SnowPark. I have worked as a Shaper for the last 8 years, maintaining and riding the freestyle park through the summer months. If you like a chilled, friendly and inspiring environment then the Summer SnowPark is the place to be!

Why did you pick Zermatt?

I had never heard of Zermatt before arriving here to work 10 years ago. It didn’t take long to realise that this was a place where I would like to live and develop my career. 365 days of skiing, epic views, calm village… what’s not to like.

What is your favourite restaurant in Zermatt?

So many good ones to choose from…but it has to be ‘Findlerhof’ (Franz and Heidi’s). It has an incredible menu, but for me, it’s all about the vegetarian quiche!

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