Charlotte Thornton

Charlotte Thornton

Charlotte Thornton is well traveled and has taught over 8 seasons across America, Japan and Australia. She is also an Adaptive ski instructor and loves to get everyone involved in skiing.

Charlotte loves meeting new people, trying new things and making the best memories.

This is Charlotte’s second season here with us in Zermatt as the Children’s Group Coordinator. Charlotte is an expert when it comes to teaching children, and is in charge of managing the delivery of our group products. She makes sure all kids at ES are kept safe, have tonnes of fun and get better at skiing!

Q. Why did you choose to become a ski instructor?
A. I love being able to share my passion with other people. I am so lucky to live in such beautiful parts of the world and when I can share that with other people I think its a great feeling.
Q. Where is your favourite part of Zermatt to ski?
A. My favourite place in Zermatt to ski is on the Sunnegga mountain being able to ski from the very top all the way down past my favourite champagne bar into town. Its simply beautiful skiing through the trees looking down on Zermatt.
Q. What do you do in the summer?
A. I work pretty much all year round working as a ski instructor. I work in Australia at Perisher as a children’s instructor and adaptive guide.
When I’m finally out of my ski boots for the odd few weeks, you will usually find me on a beach in a tropical place.
Q. What is your favourite restaurant in Zermatt?
A. My favourite restaurant on the mountain has to be Restaurant Findlerhof. The food is to die for, but make sure you have room for dessert because there home made tiramisu is one of a kind.
Q. Why did you pick Zermatt?
A. Zermatt stole my heart with its warm welcoming little town filled with friendly people and beautiful shops. The mountain range is nothing but breath taking.
Q. What handy tip do you have for anyone visiting Zermatt?

A. Eat all the food you possibly can, the restaurants are like no other. Explore all we have to offer and I promise you’ll love it.