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Carl Hard af Segerstad

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Carl has been a ski-instructor since 1986. Since he developed the passion for skiing, Carl has become a full on multi addict to outdoor sports and outdoor life in general. He has been working as ski instructor for 35 years and still has an unbroken passion for snowsports.

Why did you choose to teach snowsports?

Easy access and the passion to see other people grow both as skiers and as individuals is what has kept me in the game for many years. Still I find the most rewarding moments those when other people grow and learn based on the help and support I can provide.

What do you do in the summers?

Mountainbiking, seakayaking, trailrunnig, hiking, camping, Trekking, Mountaineering and outdoor cooking.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Verbier?

While I’m well aware that there are many fine resturants on the mountain in Verbier, my favourite place for a coffee or a bite is off the beaten track on a peak with the food I brought in my backpack.



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