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Andrea Jordana Limiñana

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Andrea Jordana Limiñana - Ski Instructor in Zermatt
Andrea grew up in the Pyrenees and started skiing when she was only 3 years old. She is passionate about teaching and loves helping skiers improve them skills. Andrea is a very sporty girl and she loves outdoor activities.

Whenever she is not teaching you will find her ski touring, skiing with friends or paragliding.

She has worked as an instructor in Spain, Austria and Switzerland and she speaks four different languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and German.

Why did you choose to teach skiing?

I think being a ski instructor is the perfect match:

On the one hand, I love skiing and I have knowledge of this sport since I was very young. I am passionate about the mountains and I love spending time outdoors.

On the other hand, I am a very social girl and I love being surrounded by people. I love teaching, it gives me great satisfaction when I see skiers get out of their comfort zones and improve their skills.

Where is your favourite part of Zermatt to ski?

I love the blue slopes of Gornergrat, wide slopes and not very steep where everyone can have fun: from skiers who have just started in the sport to skiers who like to carve. In addition, the snow conditions are always great there!

What do you do in the summer?

In summer, I follow my philosophy of spending as much time as possible in the mountains! I enjoy long days with my bike, hiking mountains and paragliding down.

I normally work in the field of gastronomy, but on some occasions, I have worked as a teacher of outdoor activities in summer camps.

What is your favourite restaurant in Zermatt?

What a complicated question, all the restaurants are very good! Well, if I really have to choose one, I would say that my favourite restaurant is Blatten. It has the perfect combination of great food and perfect location. Its terrace is ideal to enjoy a nice sunny afternoon after lunch.

Why did you choose Zermatt?

I love to travel and see new places, and Zermatt has always been one of the places on my wish list. Skiing in Zermatt was one of my dreams. Now that I have the pleasure of working here, I realize that this region is much better than any book or photograph can tell. Having the opportunity to see the Matterhorn in the background every day is a luxury.

What handy tip do you have for anyone visiting Zermatt?

Do not stay only with skiing! Zermatt has many options once the slopes are closed. One of the most rewarding experiences is to appreciate the sunset from the top of the Gornergrat mountain and go down later with the train.

  • Jose Scheliga

    Andrea is great! Super patient, technical, loves what she does, clearly.

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